Runners Day In The Lab

Runners Day In The Lab $299+GST

Runners’ Day In the Lab includes:

  • VO2 Metabolic Test This type of testing incrementally measures your oxygen consumption, carbohydrate and fat burning efficiencies as well as ventilation, heart rate, speed and power. Based on the data obtained, our clients will receive individualized heart rate zones, thresholds, pacing guides for running, power zones for cycling as well and recommendations for program design.
  • Body Composition Our body composition testing calculates your percentage of body fat and lean body weight to fat mass ratios. These tests can be done on a monthly basis to monitor your exercise and diet strategies, providing a snapshot of how your current plan is affecting your body composition.
  • Gait Analysis This 2 part evaluation will compare your running style to researched methods of efficient distance running. Two 45 minute sessions will focus on developing the stronger points of your running ability as well work on minimizing aspects of your stride than may cause injury or inefficiency.

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