PHYS 365 is TCR’s most comprehensive testing package.
Quarterly testing is important because your body changes with each training phase. As your training evolves, you need to have the scientific data to help you decide when to increase the volume, when to increase intensity or better yet, when to rest.
Our Phys365 testing package gives you the information that is essential to your health and performance.
These tests go beyond what you can do on your own at home.
 4 Testing Sessions over 365 days
VO2 | Hct | Hb | Body Comp | X 4
We recommend you test every quarter in a year (4 testing sessions).  You can also schedule tests to your training schedule (off-season, pre-season, in-season, peak).  

All of the following tests are completed during each visit:

Submaximal VO2. ($199)

This is a shortened VO2 test up to your threshold and not to max.  Cardiovascular efficiency, metabolic efficiency (fat to carb burning ratio) and threshold (FTP) are determined.  Direct measurement of your training Zones 1-5 for heart rate and Power are also provided.  Bike or run modalities.

Hematocrit and Hemoglobin (Hct & Hb $49)

Our new on-site blood-testing machine. An essential test for endurance athletes to ensure your oxygen delivery is optimal and on par for training and racing.

  • Do you need to change your diet?
  • Should you try altitude training?
  • Are you anemic?
Body Composition Test ($59)

Our body weight fluctuates throughout the year in addition to our body composition.  An ideal test to monitor within each training cycle.

Phys365 Package Price

$850+ GST (save 30%).  Payment plans accepted. Click Here To Order