CT Class Description

CT Class Description

NEW! Fem 28 ProgramWomen’s Specificfem28-ad

A 3 phase Cycling Program based off the Menstrual Cycle.

We love our science and have put together a female-specific cycling program based off years of research and TCR’s recent Fem28 study (2015). For the first time, women will the opportunity to train more efficiently. This cycling program is periodized into 3 phases based off the female menstrual cycle: Follicular (Days 4-14), Luteal (Days 15-28) and Rest (Days 1-4).

Depending on where you are in your cycle, we will modify your cycling program for the day. The Follicular Phase will focus more on high intensity and power intervals, the Luteal Phase will focus on longer intervals and aerobic rides and the rest phase will be shorter workouts with low intensity. You will get the most out of cycling as we can take advantage of when you are super powerful, fat burning and also needing rest. Our software and Computrainer technology allows us to easily put you into the correct workout for each class.


Wake up with Calgarys premier cycling program! Our Espresso spin will jolt you to life with a high energy class and our new shower facilities mean you can get your sweat on, then clean up and hit the office refreshed and ready to start your day!

The program is periodized to allow for adequate build and recovery so fitness can be progressed safely and effectively.

You will be challenged with some high power intervals, as well as sessions designed to build your threshold and VO2, following the polarized approach to maximize your gains.

Morning latte

Designed for those who have the flexibility to come train during the day. Drop the kids at school, or wake up to a leisurely coffee and breakfast, then come and get your training done. You will follow a structured progression that will challenge you but as with all our programs, our unique approach to testing and zones will ensure that everyone is able to complete all workouts, regardless of current ability.

Evening Power

Our most popular class over the last 8 years! This class will provide 90 minutes of polarized training with the goal of progressing through the season to becoming a stronger and more efficient cyclist. Use of our computrainers will allow real time feedback on power and pedal stroke with workouts based on your individual power zones meaning every class participant will enjoy a customized workout to their ability.

Weekend volume (2 and 3 hr)

As discussed above, research shows that the most effective way to train is to balance out HIIT with time spent aerobically, in about a 1:3 ratio. For that reason, we recommend that for those wanting to maximize their winter fitness gains and burn their buddies on the road when outdoor season rolls around, they supplement a weekday power class with a weekend volume spin. This year we are offering more Saturday volume classes.

These will be strictly aerobic to target developing the base necessary to support higher power efforts. Lots of good music and good people will ensure the hours fly by!

Computrainer Payment Policy
  • August 1, 2016 registration opens.
  • 50% deposit required to hold your spot with current credit card
  • Balance owing due week of Nov 1, 2016 (first week of class)
Make-up Classes

In the event of a missed class, participants are allowed to show up to a class other than one they are registered for ONLY if at least 24hr advance notice of missing their class is given. When making up for a missed class, space is allotted on a first-come-first-served basis, and is never guaranteed. Make ups can only be redeemed within the time-frame of the program block in which the class was missed.

Refund Policy

Computrainer deposits are refundable up to October 15, 2016 2 weeks prior to the start of Computrainer program.  After October 15, 2016 your deposit is no longer refundable.  The balance of payment is due upon the commencement of the program.  No refunds (balance of payment or deposits) are provided once the program has started.