Womens Specific

Womens Specific

Calgary’s coolest Womens specific spin class!

Ladies! If you have a group of 12 or more we can schedule your own group!


The ONLY fitness program in Calgary designed specifically to work in harmony with a womans natural rhythm.
(This is not just a ‘women only’ fitness group!) – you will learn…

fem28-adIn which week of your cycle to:

  • Enhance your fat burning
  • Maximize high intensity efforts
  • Improve endurance performance
  • When to rest and recover
  • When to eat chocolate and drink wine


How working with the natural female rhythms, rather than against your body will lead to more fitness gains, less injuries and mental burnout.

Train in a supportive group of like-minded women.

You will work in 4 week blocks that are in tune with your cycle – you will work high power when your body is primed hormonally to respond best, then develop your aerobic base when your body is preferentially burning fat. By working through your training like this, you are training both the high end and aerobic base, but at times when it is best for YOU, not when dictated by an arbitrary plan.

Our program has been developed after a research study conducted here at TCR, in conjunction with consulting supporting research and scientific literature.

Computrainer Payment Policy

  • August 1, 2016 registration opens.
  • 50% deposit required to hold your spot with current credit card
  • Balance owing due week of Nov 1, 2016 (first week of class)

Make-up Classes : In the event of a missed class, participants are allowed to show up to a class other than one they are registered for ONLY if at least 24hr advance notice of missing their class is given. When making up for a missed class, space is allotted on a first-come-first-served basis, and is never guaranteed. Make ups can only be redeemed within the time-frame of the program block in which the class was missed.

Refund Policy : Computrainer deposits are refundable up to October 15, 2016 2 weeks prior to the start of Computrainer program.  After October 15, 2016 your deposit is no longer refundable.  The balance of payment is due upon the commencement of the program.  No refunds (balance of payment or deposits) are provided once the program has started.